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Transformation coach | Creator | adventurer

I help people understand themselves so they can take steps toward creating the life they dream of.When I'm not doing that, you can find me out in nature with a camera in my hand.

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About my coaching

I used to dislike the word coaching.I thought a coach was someone who knows it all and would tell me what to do with my life, which just didn't mesh with my desire to chart my own course.My perspective changed when I began pursuing an ICF professional coaching certification as a student at Lumia.Here's my approach to coaching: I'm not going to tell you what to do, but I am going to ask you the questions you're not asking yourself.I'm here to help you cultivate awareness around who you want to be in life and to walk alongside you as you navigate the personal path of getting there.Together, we'll create a safe container, engage in powerful questioning, and dive into the roadblocks that are stopping you from reaching what you're capable of and what you dream of doing in life.There's a lot more to it, but we should discuss it in the context of YOU.

HI, I'm Nate. 👋

I'm kind of obsessed with stories.In fact, my professional life revolves around them. Whether it's helping my coaching clients navigate their relationships with their own stories, or helping my creative clients tell theirs, curiosity and a deep appreciation for humanity are key ingredients in all of the work I do.Here are some highlights from my personal story:
- I recently got engaged to my long time partner of over 14 years.

- I moved to Sedona a year and a half ago to heal from mold toxicity and pursue my personal growth.

- I was recently on a podcast discussing my healing journey and how it became a catalyst for transformation in my life.


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Getting ThereAn email correspondence for those passionate about life's adventure. Topics will cover health, experiences, relationships, and maybe some behind the scenes stories from launching a coaching business.

6 Things I've Created I'm Most Proud of

- After a decade in the wellness space followed by a year studying, training, and coaching with the world class teachers at Lumia, I just launched [Getting There]- my personal coaching business focused on helping humans on the journey of transformation. it's been the most meaningful thing I've ever worked on and it's already producing results.Here are a couple dreams my clients have brought into reality:A Level Deeper Podcast
The Wellness Paradox
- I also create long and short form documentaries.- This one I wrote, co-directed, shot drone, and edited won several Telly awards which is kind of like an internet Emmy.-This one about the man behind the Earthship Homes movement has over 400k views and I wrote, shot, colored, and edited the piece myself. It has the highest watch time of any video on the LANDIO YouTube channel.-This one I directed and edited features one of my favorite places on earth (British Columbia) and has been viewed over 100k times.A Mini-Doc I created for my old company helped us raise over $150k for our struggling business during the pandemic and got us featured on the news.You probably came here from there, but you can find all forms of my writing and stories on my Instagram page. It's a collection of poems, anecdotes, and lots of pretty pictures.